How do you make your stop/start service scripts gracefully handling the services that get stuck in STOP_PENDING or START_PENDING...

Related with SC STOP and START. Stop and Start a service via batch or cmd file?

I have one aproach in mind, but I don't like it.


This is the way i'm approaching the stop.

  • Stop: sc %host% stop %service% || ECHO ERROR! && EXIT -1
  • Loop waiting for state to be STOPPED. Loop with a maximum number of iterations (e.g. 30). Testing if service is stopped (e.g. sc %host% query %service% | find /i "STOPPED"). Wait some seconds in each iteration (e.g. 10). Reaching the maximum iterations, try to kill the process using taskkill (e.g. work the output of sc queryex Alerter | find /i "PID").

For me sometimes a 'Windows service' is hanging when I have the window services.msc open. I can't kill the process, neither use net stop or sc stop.

But when I close the services.msc window, the service immediately stops.


First open service.msc, in the properties dialog for your targeted service go to the Recovery Tab *(run -> services.msc -> right-click Target-Service -> Properties -> Recovery tab*)

Make sure the First\Second\Subsequent failures are all set to : Take No Action. enter image description here

Get the PID of your target service using: sc queryex ServiceName:

Kill the process using taskkill /f /pid your_PID_number

  • It didn't work for me. – Bobort Sep 13 '18 at 16:21

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