as you can see that i am trying to use dictionary in set as a value but it is showing error i want to know that why it is not possible to use dictionary as a value of set ? i want to know why ? is there any reason ? it is not working at all and so many errors are comming So please help me what is the problem ? why can not i use dictionary as a value of set sequence ? but it is working with list and tuple but it is not working only with set why?


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    It is working with a list? Can you show an example of this?
    – Chris
    Dec 26, 2021 at 3:29

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A set requires that all elements in it are hashable. A dictionary is not hashable.

An object is hashable if it has a hash value which never changes during its lifetime (it needs a hash() method), and can be compared to other objects (it needs an eq() method). Hashable objects which compare equal must have the same hash value.

Hashability makes an object usable as a dictionary key and a set member, because these data structures use the hash value internally.

Most of Python’s immutable built-in objects are hashable; mutable containers (such as lists or dictionaries) are not; immutable containers (such as tuples and frozensets) are only hashable if their elements are hashable. Objects which are instances of user-defined classes are hashable by default. They all compare unequal (except with themselves), and their hash value is derived from their id().

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