can anyone provide any guidance regarding setting up a jhipster project with elasticsearch (while using mongoDB)? I have followed the docs in jhipster but I think I'm missing a step to index my entities into elasticsearch.

There is the reindexing tool, but this is made for angular and SQL DBs which are sufficiently different to leave me a bit stuck. Here is what i've done so far -

  1. Changed my yo-rc file to be "searchEngine": "elasticsearch",
  2. Rerun the 'jhipster' to generate the needed code.
  3. Rerun 'jhipster entity ' to setup more needed code.
  4. set up a docker instance of elasticsearch to run in dev.
  5. If i browse to http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices?h=index, the page returns only 'user'.

Also, as you would expect given no.5 above, when I perform a search on my entity listing page (which has correctly been added), I get a 500 error with the following message -

"jhipster org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.NoSuchIndexException: Index [entityName] not found.; nested exception is"

From reading, I was kind of expecting the indexing to happen automatically on startup, although the docs do say you need a reindexing service to sync data. So my questions are -

  1. How should the initial index be done? Do I manually need to do this?
  2. How do you go about reindexing? Any guidance here would be appreciated (note my DB is Mongo), I am presuming I would use a @Scheduling / Quartz type piece of code, but I'm not really sure how the indexing is done.

cheers david

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