In angular,

This is script

<button (click)="onClick($event)"> Greet </button>
     <button (click)="greeting='welcome' "> Greet </button> 

This is event Logic

public greeting =""; 
 onClick(event) {
   this.greeting ='welcome';
  • onClick(event: any) { ... } you need to explicitly type event arg Dec 30, 2021 at 0:27

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Some alternatives you can use:

onClick(event: Event) {}

onClick(event: MouseEvent) {}

Also, if you are not using the parameter event for anything, you can remove it.

onClick() { ... }

Reason: If you have any chance to use Angular in previous versions when you create a new project you might see some question like this. And this question is very important. enter image description here

Fix: You can either follow the stricter type checking rule or manually switch the stricter type checking to false. It worked for me. enter image description here


On click of that button on console, we can see PoinerEvent { isTrusted": true }

So in addition to MouseEvent or Event you can also use:

onClick(event: PointerEvent) {}

Check the docs at PointerEvent MDN. "This interface inherits properties from MouseEvent and Event."


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