import 'package:flutter_staggered_grid_view/flutter_staggered_grid_view.dart'; //import libray

flutter_staggered_grid_view: ^0.5.0 // package

      child: Container(
        padding: EdgeInsets.only(top: 16.0, right: 16.0, left: 16.0),
        child: StaggeredGridView.countBuilder(
          physics: NeverScrollableScrollPhysics(),
          padding: EdgeInsets.zero,
          crossAxisCount: 4,
          itemCount: products.length,
          itemBuilder: (BuildContext context, int index) => new ClipRRect(
            borderRadius: BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(5.0)),
            child: InkWell(
              onTap: () => Navigator.of(context).push(MaterialPageRoute(
                  builder: (_) => ProductPage(product: products[index]))),
              child: Container(
                  decoration: BoxDecoration(
                    gradient: RadialGradient(
                        colors: [
                        center: Alignment(0, 0),
                        radius: 0.6,
                        focal: Alignment(0, 0),
                        focalRadius: 0.1),
                  child: Hero(
                      tag: products[index].image,
                      child: Image.asset(products[index].image))),
          staggeredTileBuilder: (int index) =>
              StaggeredTile.count(2, index.isEven ? 3 : 2),
          mainAxisSpacing: 4.0,
          crossAxisSpacing: 4.0,


lib/screens/main/components/recommended_list.dart:51:20: Error: The getter 'StaggeredGridView' isn't defined for the class 'RecommendedList'.

  • 'RecommendedList' is from 'package:mobi_zilla/screens/main/components/recommended_list.dart' ('lib/screens/main/components/recommended_list.dart'). Try correcting the name to the name of an existing getter, or defining a getter or field named 'StaggeredGridView'. child: StaggeredGridView.countBuilder( ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lib/screens/main/components/recommended_list.dart:79:19: Error: The getter 'StaggeredTile' isn't defined for the class 'RecommendedList'.
  • 'RecommendedList' is from 'package:mobi_zilla/screens/main/components/recommended_list.dart' ('lib/screens/main/components/recommended_list.dart'). Try correcting the name to the name of an existing getter, or defining a getter or field named 'StaggeredTile'. StaggeredTile.count(2, index.isEven ? 3 : 2), ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Use Version:

  flutter_staggered_grid_view: ^0.4.0

The pub.dev documentation for the plugin doesn't suggest anything about the method being deprecated or scrapped in the latest version i.e flutter_staggered_grid_view 0.6.1. I tried using flutter_staggered_grid_view: ^0.4.0 but that didn't work either. The workaround seems to be to use version 0.3.1 which then recognized the StaggeredGridView method.

  • flutter_staggered_grid_view: ^0.4.0 worked for me
    – Ninad7N
    Aug 3, 2022 at 11:05

If you want to use the latest version of flutter_staggered_grid_view can not use StaggeredGridView.countBuilder instead you have to use GridView.custom like this, it will work like charm

              padding: EdgeInsets.only(
                bottom: 16.w,
                left: 16.w,
                right: 16.w,
              gridDelegate: SliverQuiltedGridDelegate(
                crossAxisCount: 6,
                mainAxisSpacing: 8,
                crossAxisSpacing: 8,
                repeatPattern: QuiltedGridRepeatPattern.inverted,
                pattern: const [
                  QuiltedGridTile(4, 4),
                  QuiltedGridTile(2, 2),
                  QuiltedGridTile(2, 2),
              childrenDelegate: SliverChildBuilderDelegate((context, index) {
                return Container(...)
               childCount: your_list_length

The flutter_staggered_grid_view was completely rewritten in its version 0.5.0-dev.1 update. You can now use StaggeredView to display a staggered view.


  crossAxisCount: 4,
  mainAxisSpacing: 4,
  crossAxisSpacing: 4,
  children: const [
      crossAxisCellCount: 2,
      mainAxisCellCount: 2,
      child: Tile(index: 0),
      crossAxisCellCount: 2,
      mainAxisCellCount: 1,
      child: Tile(index: 1),

Solutions: As mentioned in the Documentation, you can use StaggeredGrid instead of StaggeredGridView to display a staggered view. Alternately, you can revert back to older versions of the package as already mentioned. Note: StaggeredGridView is still supported in version 0.4.0

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