I have a WPF application which is tiled into multiple parts as you can see here.

In the middle part I have a Grid where I would like to place Visual Studio in. I've checked the method "TranslatePoint" and the WinAPI call "WinMove". With them I would be able to move the Visual Studio window in place. By setting the Grid to HitTestVisible=False I would also be able to write and click in the window. The Problem I have is that my VS environment is set up for dual monitors and I would need it to fit in that Grid. Resetting VS's settings and importing a settings file on each start of VS would be painfull (but could be done using devenv.exe /ResetSettings SettsingsFile).

Does anyone know a better way of having VS in my application?

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You may want to look into using the Visual Studio Shell to create your application with Visual Studio as the basis. You're not goingt to really be able to embed the Visual Studio application into your application.

The IronPython Studio project is an open source example of using the Visual Studio Shell.

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