Referring to the picture, I would like to align a dynamically created TButton at runtime right next to a BindNavigator.

TButton *Add_But;
Add_But = new TButton(this);
Add_But->Visible = true;
Add_But->Text = "Add";
//Add_But->Position->X = 300;
//Add_But->Position->Y = 350;




If I execute the above code, the Add_But button would align next to BindNavigator enclosed portion of the area between the last three buttons starting from the refresh button. Positioning Add_But using X,Y is not the ideal solution as I would like the Add_But to space out by certain margin padding just by using the Align property.

How to programmatically construct a TBounds margin object to resolve the issue?

  • Why are you making the BindNavigator be the Parent of the button if you want the button aligned next to the BindNavigator? Jan 2 at 9:42
  • without this , Add button would fly to the top , in fact I solve the issue using TFlowlayouts , specify the correct width , adding Navigator , follow by TButton. Jan 2 at 10:56

Not Optimum solution using Two FlowLayout ,Believe TGridPanelLayout is much better choice , quite difficult to code correctly at runtime on cell position placement as the Main Frame is Just An Empty container refresh to hold Any child item based on selection

  TFlowLayout *tlayout=new TFlowLayout(this);
     TFlowLayout *tlayout1=new TFlowLayout(this);
    // approximate the size of the TGrid
     Add_But->Margins->Left = 10;

I have not written any apps in FMX but I saw no reason why you could not simply drop a TPanel on your FMX form then drop a TBindNavigator onto the TPanel unless there is a reason it can't be done this way, just trying to help.

This code works fine in Builder 10.3 on FMX Form

TButton *b = new TButton(TPanel1);

b->Parent = TPanel1;
b->Visible = true;
b->Position->X = TBindNavigator1->Width + 25;
b->Position->Y = TPanel1->Height / 2 - b->Height / 2;
b->Width = b->Width * 2;
b->Text = "Runtime Button";

How it looks when you run the code

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