I have added Jitpack repo and dependency from Github to pom.xml and it still doesn't compile. However, when I point onto the line in import block, it clearly shows the description of a module. VSCode screenshot

For example, I try to import com.github.kwhat.jnativehook.GlobalScreen, it shows the description of the module but still underlines the line with red and shows the error:

The type com.github.kwhat.jnativehook.GlobalScreen is not accessible Java(16778666)

What could be the problem?

Here's a part of pom.xml



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Just try to synchronize you project.

I add an imagine where can be seen that dependencies is load correctly.enter image description here.

  • How can I sync it? Is it a command in a terminal or just an order for lines in pom.xml? I tried to compile the project and I get an error in a terminal: package com.github.kwhat.jnativehook is not visible [ERROR] (package com.github.kwhat.jnativehook is declared in the unnamed module, but module gamepad_tester does not read it)
    – awayneff
    Jan 2 at 11:45

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