On an intel computer, my XCUITest test works perfectly fine to swipe left and swipe right on a cell using cell.swipeRight() or cell.swipeLeft().

On my m1 computer, cell.swipeLeft() works but cell.swipeRight() doesn't. I don't think it swipe right enough. If I manually do it on the simulator then it works to hide the elements shown on swipe; however the swipeRight function won't swipe it enough to hide the elements.

Note: i'm running the simulator using Rosetta. It works fine manually but not thru the XCTest functions

Does anyone have a solution for swiping right on the m1?

Also, swipeUp() on the Intel scrolls the table up a lot more than on the simulator using an m1 mac. It just moves the table up a little now.

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I don't have both machines so i can't replicate what's causing this, but i can offer you a workaround.

Use .press and define the swiping yourself.

let dragBegin = cell.coordinate(withNormalizedOffset: CGVector(dx: 0.1, dy: 0.5))
let dragEnd = cell.coordinate(withNormalizedOffset: CGVector(dx: 0.4, dy: 0.5))
dragBegin.press(forDuration: 0.1, thenDragTo: dragEnd)

Adjust dx for each CGVector as needed. These are coordinates are relative to the Cell (or any other XCUIElement) you're interacting with.

You can be very specific with this and even set velocity and holdDuration. (See Documentation)

P.s. Chances are this is Apples bug. Consider opening a Bugreport.

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    I have this exact same problem - running the Simulator using Rosetta (on an M1 Pro MacBook Pro). This solution didn't work for me - like reutsey I can manually swipe the cell if I put a breakpoint in my tests but both this method and swipeLeft() do nothing. Interestingly if I try and use the record function to do the test it crashes. Had anyone found a solution? Jan 12 at 15:01
  • Sorry Mike I have not yet :(
    – reutsey
    Jan 12 at 17:58

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