I have QTableView with 100+ rows in it. But at a time only 6 rows are visible. To see next set of rows, I have to use scrool bar.

I want to print visible rows in QTableView. But could not do that. I could just able to print single selected row.

  QItemSelectionModel *select = _table->selectionModel();
  QModelIndexList  selectedRow = select->selectedRows();
  QModelIndex index = selectedRow.at(0);

  int columnCount = 2; // there are 2 columns in a row

  QString copySelectedRowText_;
  for(int i = 0 ; i < columnCount; i++)
      copySelectedRowText_ += index.sibling(index.row(), i).data().toString()+ " ";
  qDebug() << copySelectedRowText_;

How to print visible rows in QTableView?


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You can get the current line number through the value() of the verticalScrollbar, and you can also get the number of displayable lines through pagestep().

This is my code ,you can try it:

void TesWidget::onbtnClicked()
    int start_index = ui.tableView->verticalScrollBar()->value();
    int page_cnt = ui.tableView->verticalScrollBar()->pageStep();
    int end_index = start_index + page_cnt;

    int row_cnt = model_->rowCount();
    int col_cnt = model_->columnCount();

    QString text;
    for (int i = start_index; i < row_cnt && i <= end_index; i++)
        for (int j = 0; j < col_cnt; j++)
            text.append(QStringLiteral("%1 ").arg(model_->item(i,j)->text()));
    qDebug() << text;

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