I would like to improve my PHP CMS security in that it writes failed login attempts to the Apache error log. My idea for this is that it would then work with fail2ban, banning any IPaddresses that are trying to drut force guess the password of the CMS admin login.

Also if I have a vhost file set up an additional error log in the vhost such as below can I work out in PHP which error log to write to?

ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/example.co.uk-error.log

You have multiple options to achieve that:

The error_log() function will by default write to your server's error_log (the error log of your apache vhost in your case).

The syslog() function will write to the system logger. You can use openlog() before calling syslog() to set the syslog facility (e.g. LOG_AUTH).




Log entry:

[Sun Aug 14 18:44:11 2011] [error] [client] test

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