I get different between of two pictures according of this procedure :

procedure DifBmp(nbmp:tbitmap;bmp1,bmp2:tbitmap);
var rec:trect;
  nbmp.Canvas.CopyMode:= cmSrcInvert;
  nbmp.Canvas.CopyRect(rec, bmp2.Canvas,rec);

I search net and can't find any equivalent of it for FireMonkey. Of Course compare pixel by pixel is a solution but it is very slowly. thanks for any help.


yes, as you noticed, scanning r g b for width, height continuously causes a grueling for loop, doing it for 30fps(tbitmap) in sec is more grueling.

I suggest you;

"if 2 bitmaps are the same width and height" (or u can resize before process),

First of all, converting the image jpg, png etc format to bmp(tbitmap), then throwing the file data of this tbitmap into a stream or string, and comparing 2 bitmaps byte by byte in a single for loop.

In this way, you can compare and detect pixels that change much faster, you can make your own rle(Run-length encoding) algorithm for changing pixels, you can compress these pixels with lzma, etc. and transfer them to the target via socket, you will copy the vnc or you can transfer the changed bytes in the target stream and convert it back to a bitmap.

  • _@okoca:Your method is very useful and excellent and I will proceed to it later, but if find a way to replace this part of my program(nbmp.Canvas.CopyRect(rec, bmp2.Canvas,rec)) on FireMonkey by same algorithm is more acceptable.
    – A.K.D.
    Jan 5 at 9:45
  • nbmp:=Tbitmap.Create; nbmp.CreateFromBitmapAndMask(image1.Bitmap, image2.Bitmap); image3.Bitmap.Assign(nbmp); If this is not for you, you can make a small change in the code of CreateFromBitmapAndMask and give the pixel the value you want during the pixel comparison.
    – okoca
    Jan 5 at 10:46
  • _@okoca: Your solution is pixel by pixel creation and result maybe slow too.
    – A.K.D.
    Jan 5 at 11:55
  • _@okoca: I change CreateFromBitmapAndMask and tested it for sample bitmap, the result was OK but your method 10 times more time was spent
    – A.K.D.
    Jan 5 at 12:22
  • Hello, I did not look at the performance difference, I have no idea whether this process can be done with the GPU, or if the os can help like this. If the performance is better where you mentioned, you can prepare a dll and call the procedure from the fmx side.
    – okoca
    Jan 7 at 8:58

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