In aiMesh there is a field mMethod:

struct aiMesh {

     *  Method of morphing when anim-meshes are specified.
    unsigned int mMethod;


How many different methods of morphing are there and what are there corresponding integer values?

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From digging through the source of the Collada loader this is aiMorphingMethod:

/** @brief Enumerates the methods of mesh morphing supported by Assimp.
enum aiMorphingMethod {
    /** Interpolation between morph targets */
    aiMorphingMethod_VERTEX_BLEND = 0x1,

    /** Normalized morphing between morph targets  */
    aiMorphingMethod_MORPH_NORMALIZED = 0x2,

    /** Relative morphing between morph targets  */
    aiMorphingMethod_MORPH_RELATIVE = 0x3,

}; //! enum aiMorphingMethod

The code comment on mMethod should probably be updated to mention aiMorphingMethod.


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