[test_instalasi_flutter] flutter create --template app --overwrite . Cannot create a project within the Flutter SDK. Target directory 'C:\src\flutter\test_instalasi_flutter' is within the Flutter SDK at 'C:\src\flutter'. exit code 2

hi! i'm newbie, please help me. when creating a new Flutter in visual studio code, the library folder doesn't show up. But when I create a new Dart library it exists and appears, how do you flutter it ?. thank you

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    Why are you trying to create your project inside the same directory as the Flutter SDK? Create your project inside of another directory. Jan 4 at 11:34

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Just change your directory different than the FLUTTER SDK directory (don't use this: C:\src\flutter)


Just change the location where you're saving the project( Save it to a new directory) and you'

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