I have creation of tenant

Here is code

var tenant = new Tenant(tenancyName, name)
    IsActive = isActive,
    EditionId = editionId,
    SubscriptionEndDateUtc = subscriptionEndDate?.ToUniversalTime(),
    IsInTrialPeriod = isInTrialPeriod,
    ConnectionString = connectionString.IsNullOrWhiteSpace()
        ? null
        : SimpleStringCipher.Instance.Encrypt(connectionString)

await CreateAsync(tenant);
await _unitOfWorkManager.Current.SaveChangesAsync(); //To get new tenant's id.

tenancyName can be duplicated

So for checking it I use this condition

if (await TenantRepository.FirstOrDefaultAsync(t => t.TenancyName == tenant.TenancyName) != null)

I need to add a count to it to be unique.

So for example, if EugeneTenant is duplicated, I need to add 2 to it, to be EugeneTenant2,

if EugeneTenant2 is duplicated, add 3 to it, so EugeneTenant3

So it will be autoincremented from 2 until the condition will meet.

I added this code

int startNumber = 2;
    tenant.TenancyName = $"{tenant.TenancyName}{startNumber}";
    tenant.Name = $"{tenant.TenancyName}{startNumber}";
while (await TenantRepository.FirstOrDefaultAsync(t => t.TenancyName == tenant.TenancyName) != null);

But for Example if I have EugeneTenancy2, next one I have, EugeneTenancy23

How I can do this?

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    It's likely easier to have a separate table/column for storing that number Jan 4 at 15:37

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If you would use a delimiter between the name and the counter (like EugeneTenancy-2) then you can get rid of startNumber counter.

const string Delimiter = "-"; 
var tenancyName = tenant.TenancyName;

string[] parts = tenancyName.Split(Delimiter);
if(parts.Length == 1)
   tenancyName = $"{tenancyName}{Delimiter}2";
   int counter = int.Parse(parts[1]);
   tenancyName = $"{tenancyName}{Delimiter}{++counter}";

tenant.TenancyName = tenancyName;
tenant.Name = tenancyName;

Obviously this code is super fragile (.Length == 1,parts[1], int.Parse, etc.) but you get the idea how to rely on a data, which is already available inside the TenancyName.

In other words this is not a robust code, it is created for demonstration purposes only.

UPDATE #1: If no delimiter is allowed

Then you need to use TrimStart instead

char[] prefix = originalTenancyName.ToCharArray(); //store outside of the loop

string counterRaw = tenancyName.TrimStart(prefix);
int counter = int.Parse(counterRaw);
  • But if I don't want delimiter? Jan 4 at 16:00
  • @EugeneSukh I've updated my post accordingly, please revise it Jan 4 at 17:00
var name = "EugeneTenant";
var names = TenantRepository
    .Where(t => t.TenancyName.Contains(tenant.TenancyName))
    .OrderByDescending(t => t.TenancyName)
    .Select(x => x.TenancyName);

if (names.Any()) 
    var latest = $"{names.First()}";
    var cnt = $"{Regex.Match(latest, @"\d*$")?.Value}";

    if (int.TryParse(cnt, out int n))
        name = latest.Replace(cnt, $"{n + 1}");
        name += 2;
  • Cannot resolve method 'TryParse(System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match, out int)', candidates are: bool TryParse(string?, out int) (in struct Int32) bool TryParse(System.ReadOnlySpan<char>, out int) (in struct Int32) has this error Jan 4 at 16:09
  • i have just edited,
    – spzvtbg
    Jan 4 at 16:10
  • And as I understand you count from 1 I need to start count from 2 Jan 4 at 16:14
  • the 'n' is signed as 1 when the parsing do not succeed it just stays as 1
    – spzvtbg
    Jan 4 at 16:16
  • For now, it make EugeneTenant1 is EugeneTenant is exits When I create the next EugeneTenant, it's still make EugeneTenant1, but it's need to be EugeneTenant2 Jan 4 at 16:27

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