I'm trying to make a react component that changes the width from a parameter but it's doesn't work and I don't know why.

function Bar() {
    const p =80

    const style = `bg-slate-500 h-8 w-[${p.toFixed(1)}%]`


    return (
        <div className=' h-8 w-full'>
            <div className={`bg-slate-500 h-8 w-[${p}%]`}>
export default Bar

With this code I get a full-size bar, but if I use a strict String with 80.0 it works fine


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The other answers are wrong. In Tailwind V3 JIT is included and you won't need to set mode to jit anymore. And even in Tailwind V2 the posted code wouldn't work.

Following the docs, you must avoid string interpolation and use complete class names.

This is wrong:

<div class="text-{{ error ? 'red' : 'green' }}-600"></div>

Instead use Complete class names:

<div class="{{ error ? 'text-red-600' : 'text-green-600' }}"></div>

What about using inline styles?

You may be tempted to use inline styles, but remember Content Security Policies are increasingly under scrutiny to disallow unsafe inlines. Any inline style or script could in theory be injected with unintended content. Furthermore, the whole point to Tailwind is to generate CSS at build time, so you'd be working around it and might as well not even be using it in this case.

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    Why is the first approach wrong?
    – sir
    Mar 13, 2022 at 22:11
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    @sir v2.tailwindcss.com/docs/… , also applies to V3 unless they changed it recently
    – wizard003
    Mar 14, 2022 at 9:02
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    You still need to manually enable jit in tailwind.config as of today. The thing OP did wrong was use string concatenation to build the class, as described in the docs under "Dynamic Values" here. v2.tailwindcss.com/docs/just-in-time-mode#overview
    – aside
    Aug 9, 2022 at 11:54
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    @sir because Tailwind is generating classes at build time and won't be aware of the value of padding, so the class p-[80%] won't be exported. Nevertheless, if you add p-[80%] in the safelist array, Tailwind will then add this class at build time. But there is no point on doing this because it would only work for padding = 80; Sep 6, 2022 at 8:53
  • @MaximeLechevallier but inline styles are insecure aren't they? For instance, CORS policy can only permit them with unsafe inline, which is really not always an option... Also, this completely defeats the purpose of tailwind by working around its API doesn't it?
    – ecoe
    Oct 19, 2022 at 15:48

I had exactly the same problem as you.

const p =80
<div className={`bg-slate-500 h-8 w-[${p}%]`}>

The above code set "w-[${p}%]" as "w-80%" dynamically on the server side. However Tailwind has no ability to deal with the arbitrary values computed dynamically.

The official Tailwind docs say;


To work around this problem, we need to use style attribute like following in which we are not able to use TailwindCSS anymore😅;

  style={{width: `${p}%`}} 
  className={`bg-slate-500 h-8`}>

See the discussions on GitHub

I hope it helps you a lot.


in tailwind.config.js add mode: 'jit'.

I would suggest https://v2.tailwindcss.com/docs/just-in-time-mode to learn more.


module.exports = {
   //other options
   mode: 'jit',

I ran into a similar issue building a site with Astro & Tailwind.

The solution I discovered was to use the 'safelist' feature that allows you to define certain classes that will be force-compiled, regardless of whether or not they are found when scanning the specified content locations in the tailwind.config.cjs file.

An example of the code I used to fix my situation:

module.exports = {
content: ["./src/**/*.{astro,html,js,jsx,md,mdx,svelte,ts,tsx,vue}"],
Adding a safelist and classes to it:
safelist: ["lg:grid-cols-[1fr_4fr]", "lg:grid-cols-[1fr_3fr_1fr]"],

Here's a link to the relevant area in the Tailwind documentation.


If your p's value is a constant that will be used across the app, you can instead define it in your tailwind.config.js file like this.

theme: {
 extend: {
  spacing: {
    "p-value": "80%",

Then you can modify your code to this.

<div className="bg-slate-500 h-8 w-p-value">

Include mode: 'jit' in tailwind config file

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