I'm using the Facebook's v12.0 API to make a Facebook clone, where you can login with Facebook OAuth and see your feed/profile just like you would if you were logging into Facebook itself. I'm running into two issues:

  1. I can't find any endpoints on Facebook's API that allow you to pull the posts/content you would see on your feed through an OAuth access token. Are there any substitutes for getting this kind of data, or workarounds?

  2. For all of the Facebook API requests I'm currently making, all of the responses have empty data objects or don't return all of the data that's listed in the documentation, but they're still valid requests. Here's a few examples:

Request (get account data): GET https://graph.facebook.com/v12.0/{USER_ID}?access_token={ACCESS_TOKEN}


    "name": "Calix Huang",
    "id": "581333302959361"

Request (get friends list): GET https://graph.facebook.com/v12.0/{USER_ID}/friends?access_token={ACCESS_TOKEN}


    "data": [],
    "summary": {
        "total_count": 53

Here are the scopes I'm using for both of these requests: public_profile, email, user_friends, user_gender, user_likes, user_photos, user_posts, user_videos

  • There is no endpoint for this. And creating apps that replicate Facebook "core functionality" is not allowed to begin with.
    – CBroe
    Jan 10 at 7:40

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