I want to use LaTeX in RStudio with Sweave. However, I run into problems with using MiKTeX (see Ref). As I couldn't solve these issues I want use TinyTeX now. I installed TinyTeX in RStudio:


However, I couldn't figure out where to tell RStudio that it should use TinyTeX instead of MiKTeX when I want to compile a PDF based on a Rnw file. I checked the global options, but couldn't find what I was looking for. I am aware that it is recommended to unistall MiKTeX if using TinyTeX, but I want to keep both on my computer.

There should be a way if I read the conclusion of this discussion correctly: Ref.

Note: RStudio version: 1.4.1717.


You should do this:

Tools -> Global Options -> Sweave -> LaTeX Editing and Compilation -> Use tinytex when compiling .tex files.
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    Ah, why didn't I see that. Thanks a lot.
    – timm
    Jan 6 at 15:14

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