I would like to create my own Kedro starter. I have tried to replicate the relevant portions of the pandas iris starter. I have a cookiecutter.json file with what I believe are appropriate mappings, and I have changed the repo and package directory names as well as any references to Kedro version such that they work with cookie cutter.

I am able to generate a new project from my starter with kedro new --starter=path/to/my/starter. However, the newly created project uses the default values for the project, package, and repo names, without prompting me for any input in the terminal.

Have I misconfigured something? How can I create a starter that will prompt users to override the defaults when creating new projects?

Here are the contents of cookiecutter.json in the top directory of my starter project:

    "project_name": "default",
    "repo_name": "{{ cookiecutter.project_name }}",
    "python_package": "{{ cookiecutter.repo_name }}",
    "kedro_version": "{{ cookiecutter.kedro_version }}"

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I think you may be missing prompts.yml https://github.com/quantumblacklabs/kedro/blob/main/kedro/templates/project/prompts.yml

Full instructions can be found here: https://kedro.readthedocs.io/en/stable/07_extend_kedro/05_create_kedro_starters.html

  • I'll give this a shot and accept it if it works. Thanks! I was following a 3rd party example that didn't mention this.
    – Tashus
    Jan 6, 2022 at 19:47
  • Do you know where prompts.yml is supposed to go? I assume the top level directory along with cookiecutter.yml, but the documentation doesn't specify, and I don't see any such file in the pandas iris starter: github.com/quantumblacklabs/kedro-starter-pandas-iris
    – Tashus
    Jan 6, 2022 at 20:13
  • I got it working by placing prompts.yml in the top level directory of my starter. I'll accept this answer. I'm confused as to how my clone of the pandas iris starter works seemingly without a prompts.yml, but I'll leave that for another question. Thank you!
    – Tashus
    Jan 6, 2022 at 20:18

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