I have a problem when do a call to my composable in the NavGraph, it is repeating 3 times or sometimes more times. I have looked where I do the call and I don't see any loop or something.


fun NavGraphBuilder.addScheduleDetails(
    navController: NavHostController,
    userDataViewModel: UserDataViewModel,
    titulos: MutableState<String>,
    datosViewModel: DatosViewModel,
    val animationState = mutableStateOf(true)
    composable(route = MainDestinations.SCHEDULE_DETAILS_ROUTE+"/{${NavArguments.NOMBRE_HORARIO}}")
    {backStackEntry ->

            Log.w("Call", "ScheduleDetails")
            titulos.value = backStackEntry.arguments?.getString(NavArguments.NOMBRE_HORARIO)!!+" "
            val actions = MainActions(navController = navController)

                nombreHorario = backStackEntry.arguments?.getString(NavArguments.NOMBRE_HORARIO),
                userDataViewModel = userDataViewModel,
                onNavToAddSubject = actions.navigateToAgregarMateria,
                datosViewModel = datosViewModel,
                animationState = animationState

Prints from LOG

2022-01-06 19:57:01.548 30533-30533/horarios W/Call: ScheduleDetails
2022-01-06 19:57:01.613 30533-30533/horarios W/Call: ScheduleDetails
2022-01-06 19:57:01.987 30533-30533/horarios W/Call: ScheduleDetails

Call to composable(route = MainDestinations.SCHEDULE_DETAILS_ROUTE ...)

        modifier = Modifier
            .clickable { onNavToHorario(nombre) },        //Call to navigator
        border = BorderStroke(width = 1.dp, color = primaryColorCustom),
        shape = RoundedCornerShape(10),
        backgroundColor = Color.White,
        elevation = 4.dp
    ) {...}


val actions  = MainActions(navController = navController)
onNavToHorario = actions.navigateToHorario


class MainActions(navController: NavHostController){
    val navigateToHorario:(String) -> Unit = {nomHorario: String ->
        navController.navigate(route = MainDestinations.SCHEDULE_DETAILS_ROUTE+"/${nomHorario}")

In other case I had a similar problem and was occasioned for animations but I already delete all animations in NavGraph but the problem is still

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Navigation always crossfades destinations, so each screen will always recompose multiple times. This is expected as per the Thinking in Compose guide:

In some cases, a composable function might run for every frame of a UI animation. If the function performs expensive operations, like reading from device storage, the function can cause UI jank.

You aren't doing anything wrong (you aren't triggering side effects as part of composition), so your code is already fine.

  • Thanks for answer, so I have some variables in the destination and they are be cleaning on each recompose, how I avoid that?? Commented Jan 7, 2022 at 3:02
  • 3
    That's what remember is for, as per the State in composables guide. Commented Jan 7, 2022 at 3:04

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