I'm currently developing an app on Android using Delphi, and a part of the authentification is done using the native TWebBrowser component, which as I'm understanding pulls from android's native chrome webkit.

I need to clear cookies specific to my TWebBrowser component upon the press of a "log-off" button and upon exit of the application, however I'm finding it quite difficult as there doesn't seem to be any procedure within TWebBrowser which ressembles a cookie manager of any sort. Whilst I have EnableCaching set to false, the app remembers my credentials upon exit and restart, which is problematic for my use case...

Is there a way to access or delete cookies created by Delphi's Android TWebBrowser FMX component? I've thought of maybe importing this class :https://developer.android.com/reference/android/webkit/CookieManager with the JNI bridge, but I'm unsure on how to do so exactly and would like to try a native option if possible...

P.S : I've tried running chrome queries such as chrome://settings/clearBrowserData but it doesn't seem like TWebBrowser recognizes it, but if there's a similar option then I'm also open to it.

Any help is appreciated!


You can try this to clear all cookies for the TWebBrowser running in your app (tested on Delphi 11 and inspired by this answer written for Java):


The same answer has code to access the cookies for some site given its URL, which in Delphi equals to:

Cookie := TJCookieManager.JavaClass.getInstance.getCookie('siteURL');

Where Cookie is a variable of type JString. Don't forget to add unit Androidapi.JNI.WebKit to your uses clause.

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