I want to center a div in the middle of the screen. That's why I am overriding some CSS rules. I wrote the rules again and set !important. (Please see the printscreen. The discussed rules are marked in red.)

enter image description here

As you can see the old rules are crossed out now but it still doesn't work. It only works when I manually uncheck the rules. (Yellow Checkbox on the left)

I checked it out in Firefox and the overridden rules are not crossed. This means the issue is probably related to the override.

enter image description here

What is the difference and how can I fix that?

  • I'd hazard your media query should be max not min.
    – Wakka
    Jan 7 at 18:39
  • It is mobile first. That fix is just for desktops. Jan 7 at 18:42
  • Have you checked your page width?
    – Wakka
    Jan 7 at 18:44

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Everything that's checked is active; all things are checked by default when you open the inspector and you can uncheck individual property-value pairs to temporarily disable them, either until you refresh or check the box again.

Everything that's crossed out is something that's currently being overwritten by another property-value pair somewhere else, either in the same selector or in another selector somewhere. It is being overwritten because a value is either the same but written second (like a shorthand property used after a specific one), or it could be overwritten because there is a more specific selector somewhere with the exact same property somewhere.

  • My issue seems to be related to some bug in Chrome. But you answered my first question. Jan 8 at 14:22

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