In my Quarkus app, I need to make ah http request to another server, in which the Authorization value needs to be passed.

I am using the reactive rest client and tried to use the @HeaderParam("Authorization") to customize the header:

@RegisterProvider(value = RestClientExceptionMapper.class)
public interface InternalService {
  Uni<List<String>> Abc(
      @HeaderParam("Authorization") String bearerVal,
      List<String> values);

It does not work.

On the client side, I can confirm that the bearerVal is correctly set Bearer xxx.

On the server side, I can confirm that the request is received, but the Authorization header value is not set.

I wonder what is missing here? How can I debug the header values used by the the underlying http client?

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Which version of Quarkus are you using?

If you use version 2.5 or newer, you can enable logging requests and responses with:


For more details, see the Logging traffic section in the REST Client Reactive guide.

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