I develop WPF and Silverlight application so I use source file links a lot. When I search for something, Visual Studio displays multiple same results in Find Results window - one for each file link which looks quite cluttered.

Is there a way (setting/plugin) to make the search results in Find Results window distinct?

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If you are searching C, C++, or C# code consider using the Sando Code Search Tool (a free, open-source extension for Visual Studio). It eliminates duplicate results in many cases, only returning a single result for each program element (i.e., class, method, or field) that is relevant.

Here is an animated gif of it in action:

enter image description here

Full Disclosure: I am the project lead for this extension so I may be biased :)


I did one more search in Visual Studio gallery and I've eventually found what want: Ultra Find

It offers a few more features than the standard VS Find in Files but more importantly it shows only distinct results for linked files!


There are much better "find" or "navigation" plug-ins out there. I personally use ReSharper's Navigation and Search features to find whatever I need within a few keystrokes.

CodeRush and JustCode have similar features, too.


By selecting "Display file names only" in the options for "Find in files" it limits the results list to unique entry per file with matches.

This may be a more useful view of the search results for your usage?

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    It is not as I need to view all matches in found files. And it displays one file multiple times anyway. Sep 14, 2011 at 8:15

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