I need your help to resolve my problem with Facebook Ads API I'm getting in stuck with this API and noway to resolve until now

curl \
-F "name=MyAdAccount" \
-F "currency=USD" \
-F "timezone_id=1" \
-F "end_advertiser=NONE" \
-F "media_agency=NONE" \
-F "partner=NONE" \
-F "access_token=<AccessToken>" \

It saids

{"error":{"message":"(#294) Managing advertisements requires an access token with the extended permission for ads_management","type":"OAuthException","code":294,"fbtrace_id":"AX0V51nC-zRY1EshV8bXv4R"}}

But I believed I have enough permissions as Facebook guide


What should I do now? Please help me at least some ideas so I can debug it


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