I am encountering a tricky issue in my Vuejs/Nuxtjs application. In the application, I am creating multiple Nodes dynamically. These Nodes have the Radio button for which I have assigned a v-model. However, when I change the value of one Vuejs v-model is affecting all other Node Values.

I am aware that this issue is happening because of the same v-model being used for all Nodes. I would like to assign a different V-model to my Radio button but I want to do it without using the v-for.

I have created the sample code in the CodeSandbox

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Drag and drop the Identifiers into the canvas. Now the URN will be selected.
  2. Now Drag and drop another Identifiers into the canvas. Now the first Identifiers Node: URN will disappear. I am unable to handle each Node value independently.

The problem is arising in the file @components/IdentifiersNode.vue and in the radio button.

Code sample based on the Kissu response :

<label for="identifierTypeURN">URN</label>
<label for="identifierTypeWebURI">WebURI</label>

Can someone please check and let me know what am I doing wrong here: https://codesandbox.io/s/cocky-matan-kvqnu?file=/nuxt.config.js

enter image description here

  • You should probably use :data and @input rather than v-model, will be simpler.
    – kissu
    Jan 10 at 8:39
  • @kissu Thanks a lot for the response. I am able to understand @input and made the respective change but I did not understand the :data part. I tried to remove v-model and added :data but that does not seem to work. Can you please provide some reference related to :data for input type radio? I have added a code sample in the above question for your reference. Jan 10 at 8:59
  • data is mainly a prop here, the name is a placeholder. Replace it with what you're using as your state. Also, you may need model depending on the type of event sent by a radio button. It's always a bit tricky to check those low level HTML things.
    – kissu
    Jan 10 at 9:11
  • @kissu I am able to follow to a certain extent but still in a bit of confusion. Does this mean I need to create another customized component? And then use that custom component within my IdentifiersNode.vue? Jan 10 at 9:22
  • No, check the event sent by the radio event.
    – kissu
    Jan 10 at 9:30

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After some effort able to get it working. I was using the Radio button functionalities wrongly. I changed it to something like this and it worked fine:

  <div ref="el">
    <div class="header">Identifiers Node: {{ ID }}</div>
    <div id="app" class="nodeContainer">
      {{ "Value : " + identifierSyntax }}
        :checked="identifierSyntax === 'URN'"
        @input="instanceIdentifiersSyntaxChange($event, 'URN')"
      <label :for="`identifierTypeURN-${ID}`">URN</label>
        :checked="identifierSyntax === 'WebURI'"
        @input="instanceIdentifiersSyntaxChange($event, 'WebURI')"
      <label :for="`identifierTypeWebURI-${ID}`">WebURI</label>

export default {
  data() {
    return {
      ID: "",
      nodeId: "",
      bizStep: "",
      allNodeInfo: [],
      identifierSyntax: "URN",
  mounted() {
    this.$nextTick(() => {
      const id = this.$el.parentElement.parentElement.id;
      const data = this.$df.getNodeFromId(id.slice(5));
      this.ID = data.data.ID;
      this.nodeId = data.data.nodeId;
      this.allNodeInfo = JSON.parse(
      this.identifierSyntax = this.allNodeInfo.find(
        (node) => node.identifiersId === this.nodeId
  methods: {
    // On change of the IdentifierSyntax change, change the value in the respective node info
    instanceIdentifiersSyntaxChange(event, syntaxValue) {
      console.log("CHANGED : " + syntaxValue);
      this.identifierSyntax = syntaxValue;
      // Change the value of the respective syntax within the Node information in IdentifiersNode array
        { nodeId: this.ID, syntaxValue }

.header {
  background: #494949;
  margin-top: -15px;
  margin-left: -15px;
  margin-right: -15px;
  padding: 10px 15px;
  margin-bottom: 15px;

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