I'm trying to upload a video to a facebook page via the FB Page API

POST Request to https://graph-video.facebook.com/v12.0/<PAGEID>/videos where <PAGEID> is the page id.


  • access_token (This is the page access token acquired by the Page List API
  • file_url (public accessible file)

However, I get an error response of:

error: {
    code: 100
    fbtrace_id: "A1J_75XwMn_p_KSjtZYGeGL"
    message: "(#100) No permission to publish the video"
    type: "OAuthException"

I even used the Graph Explorer tool to generate the access token.

My user is an Admin of said page and also has the following scopes:

email, user_link, pages_show_list, user_photos, publish_actions


publish_actions is deprecated, there are new permissions for posting to a Page now: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/pages/overview/permissions-features

The pages_manage_posts permission allows your app to create, edit and delete your Page posts

Although, the /videos endpoint seems to be gone: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/v12.0/page/videos

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