I've to a Windows Phone 7 app with a page and a StackPanel on that page.

The StackPanel contains several TextBlock elements.

I need to animate the color of ALL the TextBlock elements the same way.

Unfortunately, when I set up a ColorAnimationUsingKeyFrames, I can only specify a single TargetName. Since there are multiple TextBlock controls that need to be animated the same way, that's pretty inconvenient, and I suspect there has to be a better way to handle this that copy pasting n ColorAnimation definitions, one for each textblock to animate.

Any ideas how to set up a color animation to apply to multiple controls at once?

EDIT: I realize this is a WP7 question, but I've tagged it WPF, since I believe the same technique would apply to both, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

  • You could also tag it XAML, given that's common to all three. – Tristan Warner-Smith Nov 28 '11 at 12:21

You should be able to target your animation at the property of a single element, then use ElementName binding to synchronize values between TextBlocks. or example:

<TextBlock x:Name="textOne" Text="One"/>
<TextBlock x:Name="textTwo" Text="Two"
           Background="{Binding Background, ElementName=textOne}"/>

In the above XAML the background of one TextBlock is bound to the other. If your storyboard targets 'textOne', then the other TextBlock will animate also.


I would try to do this symmetrically, externalize the brush and use it in all respective places, something like this:

    <SolidColorBrush x:Key="TBBackground" Color="White"/>
    <Style TargetType="TextBlock">
        <Setter Property="Background" Value="{StaticResource TBBackground}"/>
    <!- ... -->
         <ColorAnimation Storyboard.Target="{StaticResource TBBackground}"

Edit: Tested it and there's some problem with immutability, possibly would need to wrap the colour otherwise, in Silverlight that may be connected with some trouble.


Use a storyboard to change your textblock. You can style your textblocks with a storyboaed and then execute the storyboard when needed.

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