I used Charles to record a session and when I check one of the sessions, I found that there is no request body but I can see a response body, I am confused about this as how am I seeing a response without sending a request?

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Also, I noticed that I can choose to see the request and response body on my phone's Charles, but on my desktop Charles, I can only see the tab called Content, I tried clicking on the request and response in the under the View tab, nothing happened as well. Does anyone know why? enter image description here



I am confused about this as how am I seeing a response without sending a request?

A request consists of a few things:

  • Always: an HTTP method (GET, POST, or similar)
  • Always: a path (/document/123)
  • Optional: any number of HTTP headers (my-header: abc)
  • Optional: a request body

A response consists of:

  • Always: an HTTP status (404)
  • Always (in HTTP/1): an HTTP status message (Not Found)
  • Optional: any number of HTTP headers (my-header: abc)
  • Optional: a response body

In your case, you are sending a request, it's just that your request only contains a method, URL and headers, but no body. That's totally normal and this is very common for most HTTP requests.

The request and response body are totally independent: it's fine for neither to have a body, or for just one (either one) to have a body, or for both to have a body.

As an example, a GET request to https://google.com/search from a browser will include a method (GET) and a path (/search) and a selection of headers from the browser (such as a user-agent), but won't include any body, and the response will have a status (200) and message (OK), headers about the response data (e.g. content-length: ...) and the body will be the HTML for the google search page.

  • Hey Tim! Thanks for the help! That was very clear! I have a quick question related to the path in HTTP method. If I recorded the process of login into the app, and Charles returned this “POST /profiles/Candidates/Login?languageId=1 HTTP/1.1” under my Request tab, does that mean I should add the path to my host if I want to send a login request to the host? Like if my host is "prod-t2-api.adia.com", I should send the request to " prod-t2-api.adia.com/profiles/Candidates/Login?languageId=1 HTTP/1.1"?
    – DJ-coding
    Jan 11 at 13:54
  • Yes - if the path is relative (if it starts with a slash, not with http://...) then to get the full URL you should put the hostname in front.
    – Tim Perry
    Jan 11 at 15:31
  • For some reason, I sent my request to 'prod-t2-api.adia.com/profiles/Candidates/Login?languageId=1' , I keep getting this error "{'statusCode': 404, 'message': 'Resource not found'}", I am kinda lost on here as I don't find myself doing anything wrong. (I actually added a "http://" in front of the URL but it is not showing for some reason.)
    – DJ-coding
    Jan 11 at 15:37

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