I'm using webdriverIO for some automation testing and have recently migrated from 'selenium-standalone' service to default wdio devtools protocol.

  • wdio v.7.16.12
  • firefox v.95.0.2

From that point I can't start testing with firefox browser:

INFO @wdio/cli:launcher: Run onPrepare hook
INFO @wdio/cli:launcher: Run onWorkerStart hook
INFO @wdio/local-runner: Start worker 0-0 with arg: run,wdio.conf.js
INFO @wdio/local-runner: Run worker command: run
INFO devtools:puppeteer: Initiate new session using the DevTools protocol
ERROR @wdio/runner: Error: Couldn't find executable for browser
INFO @wdio/cli:launcher: Run onComplete hook

I've tried different combinations of options with 'wdio:devtoolsOptions' and 'moz:firefoxOptions'.

Plus checked whether could help dumpio: true, and 'moz:debuggerAddress': true options.

Also I've tried substitution browserName with product and adding binary and executablePath to capabilities.

When passing binary: 'path.to.firefox' to 'moz:firefoxOptions' options, the error message changes to:

ERROR @wdio/runner: Error: Only Nightly release channel is supported in Devtools/Puppeteer for Firefox. Refer to the following issue:

Any ideas how it could be fixed in webdriverIO (without installing separately puppeteer or puppeteer-firefox)?


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Seems that I took desired for real.

wdio + devtools:puppeteer still work with Firefox Nightly only – https://github.com/webdriverio/webdriverio/discussions/7916

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