I have a code like that:

import React, { Component } from 'react'
import MapboxGL from '@react-native-mapbox-gl/maps'

MapboxGL.setAccessToken( 'xxxx' )

export default class DebugMap extends Component {

  render() {
    return <View style={{ flex: 1}}>
          ref={(c) => (this.map = c)}
          onPress={v => this.map.moveTo( 40, 10 )}
          style={{flex: 1}}>

            centerCoordinate={[50, 20]}


The map is displayed normally an centered around 50, 20, but if I press it, an error is thrown:

TypeError: _this3.map.moveTo is not a function. (In '_this3.map.moveTo(48, 11)', '_this3.map.moveTo' is undefined)

What am I missing?


if I do console.info( 'load map', this.map ) I see this in the console:

{"_callbackMap": Map {"setHandledMapChangedEvents_347" => {"reject": [Function anonymous], "resolve": [Function anonymous]}}, "_nativeModuleName": "RCTMGLMapView", "_nativeRef": {"_children": [[ReactNativeFiberHostComponent]], "_internalFiberInstanceHandleDEV": {"_debugHookTypes": null, "_debugID": 157560, "_debugNeedsRemount": false, "_debugOwner": [FiberNode], "_debugSource": undefined, "actualDuration": 0.308383971452713, "actualStartTime": 174949282.375041, "alternate": [FiberNode], "child": [FiberNode], "childLanes": 0, "dependencies": null, "elementType": "RCTMGLAndroidTextureMapView", "firstEffect": null, "flags": 132, "index": 0, "key": null, "lanes": 0, "lastEffect": null, "memoizedProps": [Object], "memoizedState": null, "mode": 8, "nextEffect": null, "pendingProps": [Object], "ref": [Function ref], "return": [FiberNode], "selfBaseDuration": 0.2550770044326782, "sibling": null, "stateNode": [Circular], "tag": 5, "treeBaseDuration": 1.2080000042915344, "type": "RCTMGLAndroidTextureMapView", "updateQueue": null}, "_nativeTag": 12959, "viewConfig": {"Commands": [Object], "NativeProps": [Object], "bubblingEventTypes": undefined, "directEventTypes": [Object], "uiViewClassName": "RCTMGLAndroidTextureMapView", "validAttributes": [Object]}}, "_onAndroidCallback": [Function bound _onAndroidCallback], "_onChange": [Function bound _onChange], "_onDebouncedRegionDidChange": [Function debounced], "_onDebouncedRegionWillChange": [Function debounced], "_onLayout": [Function bound _onLayout], "_onLongPress": [Function bound _onLongPress], "_onPress": [Function bound _onPress], "_preRefMapMethodQueue": [], "_reactInternalInstance": {}, "_reactInternals": {"_debugHookTypes": null, "_debugID": 157251, "_debugNeedsRemount": false, "_debugOwner": {"_debugHookTypes": null, "_debugID": 157243, "_debugNeedsRemount": false, "_debugOwner": [FiberNode], "_debugSource": null, "actualDuration": 1.7872289419174194, "actualStartTime": 174946767.76704, "alternate": [FiberNode], "child": [FiberNode], "childLanes": 1, "dependencies": null, "elementType": [Function DebugMap], "firstEffect": [FiberNode], "flags": 0, "index": 0, "key": null, "lanes": 0, "lastEffect": [FiberNode], "memoizedProps": [Object], "memoizedState": [Object], "mode": 8, "nextEffect": null, "pendingProps": [Object], "ref": null, "return": [FiberNode], "selfBaseDuration": 9.36361500620842, "sibling": null, "stateNode": [DebugMap], "tag": 1, "treeBaseDuration": 134.84192779660225, "type": [Function DebugMap], "updateQueue": [Object]}, "_debugSource": undefined, "actualDuration": 1.6326139569282532, "actualStartTime": 174946767.862117, "alternate": {"_debugHookTypes": null, "_debugID": 157251, "_debugNeedsRemount": false, "_debugOwner": [FiberNode], "_debugSource": undefined, "actualDuration": 2.172077000141144, "actualStartTime": 174949280.499117, "alternate": [Circular], "child": [FiberNode], "childLanes": 0, "dependencies": null, "elementType": [Function MapView], "firstEffect": [FiberNode], "flags": 1, "index": 0, "key": null, "lanes": 0, "lastEffect": [FiberNode], "memoizedProps": [Object], "memoizedState": [Object], "mode": 8, "nextEffect": null, "pendingProps": [Object], "ref": [Function ref], "return": [FiberNode], "selfBaseDuration": 1.1991539895534515, "sibling": [FiberNode], "stateNode": [Circular], "tag": 1, "treeBaseDuration": 3.0254620015621185, "type": [Function MapView], "updateQueue": [Object]}, "child": {"_debugHookTypes": null, "_debugID": 157255, "_debugNeedsRemount": false, "_debugOwner": [Circular], "_debugSource": undefined, "actualDuration": 0.7919219732284546, "actualStartTime": 174946768.707117, "alternate": [FiberNode], "child": [FiberNode], "childLanes": 0, "dependencies": null, "elementType": [Object], "firstEffect": [FiberNode], "flags": 1, "index": 0, "key": null, "lanes": 0, "lastEffect": [FiberNode], "memoizedProps": [Object], "memoizedState": null, "mode": 8, "nextEffect": null, "pendingProps": [Object], "ref": null, "return": [Circular], "selfBaseDuration": 0.26892298460006714, "sibling": null, "stateNode": null, "tag": 11, "treeBaseDuration": 1.6707689762115479, "type": [Object], "updateQueue": null}, "childLanes": 0, "dependencies": null, "elementType": [Function MapView], "firstEffect": {"_debugHookTypes": null, "_debugID": 157560, "_debugNeedsRemount": false, "_debugOwner": [Circular], "_debugSource": undefined, "actualDuration": 0.21738401055335999, "actualStartTime": 174946769.273887, "alternate": [FiberNode], "child": [FiberNode], "childLanes": 0, "dependencies": null, "elementType": "RCTMGLAndroidTextureMapView", "firstEffect": null, "flags": 132, "index": 0, "key": null, "lanes": 0, "lastEffect": null, "memoizedProps": [Object], "memoizedState": null, "mode": 8, "nextEffect": null, "pendingProps": [Object], "ref": [Function ref], "return": [FiberNode], "selfBaseDuration": 0.17261499166488647, "sibling": null, "stateNode": [ReactNativeFiberHostComponent], "tag": 5, "treeBaseDuration": 1.1255379915237427, "type": "RCTMGLAndroidTextureMapView", "updateQueue": null}, "flags": 1, "index": 0, "key": null, "lanes": 1, "lastEffect": {"_debugHookTypes": null, "_debugID": 157259, "_debugNeedsRemount": false, "_debugOwner": [FiberNode], "_debugSource": undefined, "actualDuration": 0.4420759975910187, "actualStartTime": 174946769.150502, "alternate": [FiberNode], "child": [FiberNode], "childLanes": 0, "dependencies": null, "elementType": "RCTView", "firstEffect": [FiberNode], "flags": 4, "index": 0, "key": null, "lanes": 0, "lastEffect": [FiberNode], "memoizedProps": [Object], "memoizedState": null, "mode": 8, "nextEffect": null, "pendingProps": [Object], "ref": null, "return": [FiberNode], "selfBaseDuration": 0.21599999070167542, "sibling": null, "stateNode": [ReactNativeFiberHostComponent], "tag": 5, "treeBaseDuration": 1.341537982225418, "type": "RCTView", "updateQueue": null}, "memoizedProps": {"attributionEnabled": true, "children": [Array], "localizeLabels": false, "logoEnabled": true, "onPress": [Function onPress], "pitchEnabled": true, "regionDidChangeDebounceTime": 500, "regionWillChangeDebounceTime": 10, "rotateEnabled": true, "scrollEnabled": true, "style": [Object], "surfaceView": false}, "memoizedState": {"height": 664, "isReady": true, "isUserInteraction": false, "region": null, "width": 360}, "mode": 8, "nextEffect": null, "pendingProps": {"attributionEnabled": true, "children": [Array], "localizeLabels": false, "logoEnabled": true, "onPress": [Function onPress], "pitchEnabled": true, "regionDidChangeDebounceTime": 500, "regionWillChangeDebounceTime": 10, "rotateEnabled": true, "scrollEnabled": true, "style": [Object], "surfaceView": false}, "ref": [Function ref], "return": {"_debugHookTypes": null, "_debugID": 157249, "_debugNeedsRemount": false, "_debugOwner": [FiberNode], "_debugSource": undefined, "actualDuration": 1.6546899378299713, "actualStartTime": 174946767.835963, "alternate": [FiberNode], "child": [Circular], "childLanes": 1, "dependencies": null, "elementType": "RCTView", "firstEffect": [FiberNode], "flags": 0, "index": 0, "key": null, "lanes": 0, "lastEffect": [FiberNode], "memoizedProps": [Object], "memoizedState": null, "mode": 8, "nextEffect": null, "pendingProps": [Object], "ref": null, "return": [FiberNode], "selfBaseDuration": 0.43476900458335876, "sibling": null, "stateNode": [ReactNativeFiberHostComponent], "tag": 5, "treeBaseDuration": 124.73000481724739, "type": "RCTView", "updateQueue": null}, "selfBaseDuration": 0.8298459947109222, "sibling": {"_debugHookTypes": null, "_debugID": 157252, "_debugNeedsRemount": false, "_debugOwner": [FiberNode], "_debugSource": undefined, "actualDuration": 0.006691992282867432, "actualStartTime": 174946769.690194, "alternate": [FiberNode], "child": [FiberNode], "childLanes": 0, "dependencies": null, "elementType": [Object], "firstEffect": null, "flags": 0, "index": 1, "key": null, "lanes": 0, "lastEffect": null, "memoizedProps": [Object], "memoizedState": null, "mode": 8, "nextEffect": null, "pendingProps": [Object], "ref": null, "return": [FiberNode], "selfBaseDuration": 0.5985389947891235, "sibling": [FiberNode], "stateNode": null, "tag": 11, "treeBaseDuration": 120.09238883852959, "type": [Object], "updateQueue": null}, "stateNode": [Circular], "tag": 1, "treeBaseDuration": 2.50061497092247, "type": [Function MapView], "updateQueue": {"baseState": [Object], "effects": null, "firstBaseUpdate": [Object], "lastBaseUpdate": [Object], "shared": [Object]}}, "context": {}, "logger": {"logCallback": null, "loggerEmitter": {"_disableCallsIntoModule": false, "_subscriber": [EventSubscriptionVendor]}, "startedCount": 1, "subscription": {"context": undefined, "emitter": [NativeEventEmitter], "eventType": "LogEvent", "key": 1, "listener": [Function anonymous], "subscriber": [EventSubscriptionVendor]}}, "props": {"attributionEnabled": true, "children": [<Camera … />, null, undefined, null, [Array]], "localizeLabels": false, "logoEnabled": true, "onPress": [Function onPress], "pitchEnabled": true, "regionDidChangeDebounceTime": 500, "regionWillChangeDebounceTime": 10, "rotateEnabled": true, "scrollEnabled": true, "style": {"flex": 1}, "surfaceView": false}, "refs": {}, "state": {"height": 664, "isReady": true, "isUserInteraction": false, "region": {"geometry": [Object], "properties": [Object], "type": "Feature"}, "width": 360}, "updater": {"enqueueForceUpdate": [Function enqueueForceUpdate], "enqueueReplaceState": [Function enqueueReplaceState], "enqueueSetState": [Function enqueueSetState], "isMounted": [Function isMounted]}}
  • What do you see for this.map? Can you just print log and see if this is real map object or not, also Can't real see any error in the provided code. would be nice if you add reproducible link
    – Naren
    Jan 17 at 14:01
  • @Naren see the update...
    – injecteer
    Jan 17 at 14:15
  • You are using an inline callback ref so could be null on first invocation. Try createRef, turn the inline ref callback to a bound class method, or include an if in onPress to see if this.map is defined. Also, where are you importing View.
    – morganney
    Jan 17 at 14:25
  • Check the caveats with callback refs: reactjs.org/docs/…
    – morganney
    Jan 17 at 14:27
  • Can you use this._map instead of this.map, If it works, I'll explain why if not, good luck 🤞. Weird but try once
    – Naren
    Jan 17 at 14:28

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The moveTo method belongs to Camera object. ref.

I don't have the environment setuped to test. The code will look something like this:

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import {StyleSheet, View} from 'react-native';
import MapboxGL from '@react-native-mapbox-gl/maps';


export default class DebugMap extends Component {
 constructor(props) {

  this.camera = React.createRef();
  this.map = React.createRef();

  this.handleOnpress = this.handleOnpress.bind(this);

 handleOnpress(event) {
  const loc = event.geometry.coordinates;
  this.camera.current.moveTo(loc, 200);

 render() {
  return (
   <View style={{ flex: 1 }}>

    <MapboxGL.MapView ref={this.map} 
       style={{ flex: 1 }}>
     <MapboxGL.Camera ref={this.camera} 
        centerCoordinate={[50, 20]} />


  • I was using useRef which didn't work. createRef fixed it for me, thanks a ton for posting!
    – roshnet
    Sep 25 at 21:36

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