I'm encoding a large array into a texture that I can reference in my glsl shader. The array is far to long to encode in a 1d array, so I encoded it as a 2d array. Now I would like to reference each pixel in the texture sequentially. The only issue is that now I'm working with a 2D array.

Here's an illustration, where we flatten a 2d texture into a 1d array on our 5x1 canvas:

enter image description here

I thought something like this would work:

#version 300 es
#ifdef GL_ES
precision highp float;

uniform vec2 u_resolution;
uniform sampler2D u_texture_10; //data texture
out vec4 fragColor;

void main(){
    //width and height of our texture
    int numPixels = 100;
    //x position of the pixel from our texture
    float x = mod(gl_FragCoord.x, 100.);
    //y positino of the pixel from our texture
    int y = int(gl_FragCoord.x)/numPixels;
    //pixel color
    vec4 pixel = texelFetch(u_texture_10, ivec2(int(x), y), 0);
    fragColor = vec4(pixel);

Normalizing x we get this:

fragColor = vec4(x/100.);

enter image description here

Normalizing y we get this:

fragColor = vec4(float(y)*.1);

enter image description here

But I do not get the expected results.

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