I would like to make a Query in JpaRepository in Spring.
For example i give 2 lists of Strings:
titles{"Wit", "Bbi"}

and I receive list of authors from db:


Is it possible with a query like this? something like adding LIKE CONCAT('%', UPPER(:tag), '%') ignoring cases, etc. but to check a whole list?

@Query("SELECT b.author FROM BookDB b WHERE b.title IN :titles AND b.author IN :authors")

List<String> findAuthorsByTitlesAndAuthors(@Param("titles ") List<String> titles ,
        @Param("authors") List<String> authors);

Or maybe method names? I cannot figure it out...
I would like to make it in the best way bearing in mind performance in a bigger data and code readability.

Thanks in advance.

  • A case-insensitive search query is possible with JPA Repository methods, something like: findAuthorsByTitlesIgnoreCaseAndAuthorsIgnoreCase Jan 13 at 20:53
  • The problem is that I also need to query parts of words and I query list of them :/ Jan 14 at 10:45


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