I created the dataset in R and I have been struggling to find a way to get RStudio to come back with a solution

I tried using:

dat1$age <-dat1$currentyear - dat1$born

But I keep getting:

Error in dat1$currentyear - dat1$born : 
  non-numeric argument to binary operator

I just need to find out how old someone would be in 2021, given their birth year. I was trying to get their current age to appear in the dataframe which along with name, born, and friends, but not have any other dataset showing. work example here

  • 1. First you should not add data as images. It is easier to help if you provide data in a reproducible format . 2. From the screenshot born is a character variable so you need to change it to integer/numeric. Try dat1$age <- dat1$currentyear - as.integer(dat1$born).
    – Ronak Shah
    Jan 14, 2022 at 2:29

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Your born is registered as a character variable. Convert it to numeric and you should be good to go.

dat1$born = as.numeric(dat1$born)

Now compute the age difference. If this answer worked, you may close this question.

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