I'm working on a project in Delphi and I want to create some repositories for inheritance and simplify VCL designing-loss-time. My Big Problem is that I have a frame with a panel that I put it into a form. In that form I want to put another frame inside the panel from first frame. The result is that the IDE set up my frame parent of the second frame to point to a main panel from form. What did I do wrong in this settings. It is possible in Delphi (Berlin) to put a frame inside another frame that is already in a form? Thank you in advance.


Some background

The main purpose of frames is to have ready made drop-in component assemblies. That is, component assemblies, that usually do not require changes in layout, when instantiated.

Although redesign of an instantiated frame is not prevented, it is not advisable. At least consider this carefully:

  1. If you do modify an instantiated frame, those changes are not carried over to the design of the source frame.

  2. If you do modify a source frame design, those changes are carried over to instances of the frame.

The following answers your question:

Frames can be nested, IOW, a frame can be a component of another frame, but they must be combined at the design of the parent frame. Frames can not be combined in a parent - child manner at design time of a form.

As the other answer shows, frames can be combined in a parent - child manner at run time.


Yes it's possible. Don't forget to set Align property because if both are Client, you will not see the first one.

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  Frame1: TFrame1;
  Frame2: TFrame2;
  // set first frame on main form
  Frame1 := TFrame1.Create(Self);
  Frame1.Parent := Panel1;
  Frame1.Align := alClient;

  // set second frame in first frame
  Frame2 := TFrame2.Create(Frame1);
  Frame2.Parent := Frame1.Panel1;
  Frame2.Align := alBottom;
  Frame2.Height := 50;
  • I'm trying to solve the problem without coding. Is this a bug of IDE Berlin? Because it seems that frame2 loose the right owner that i'm trying to set. Jan 14 at 9:39

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