I am new to NodeJS, Express and templates

I am trying to generate a table and send the output to user and it is working fine using EJS but the html generated has lots of whitespace.

So when a size of generated html file is around 148kb after using online html compressor then size becomes 38kb

So how do i compress html after rendering and send it to user.

is there a build-in method in express or ejs

I know that pug already generates compressed html but i want to use EJS

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there's no built in method, try express-minify-html

const express = require('express');

const minifyHTML = require('express-minify-html');

const app = express();

    override: true,
    exception_url: false,
    htmlMinifier: {
        removeComments: true,
        collapseWhitespace: true,
        collapseBooleanAttributes: true,
        removeAttributeQuotes: true,
        removeEmptyAttributes: true,
        minifyJS: true

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