What I am trying to do is add another column that calculates (cr - dr)

Seeing as you cannot re-use an alias inside a SELECT clause, how would you go about calculatin total

    SELECT SUM(b.bet_win * cy.fx_rate )as dr, SUM(b.bet_loss * cy.fx_rate ) as cr, cr+dr as total
    FROM ....
    WHERE ....

In SQL Server or Oracle, I'd use a CTE, but since you're using MySQL, you'd use a subquery:

SELECT dr, cr, cr + dr as total 
         SUM(b.bet_win * cy.fx_rate ) as dr, 
         SUM(b.bet_loss * cy.fx_rate ) as cr
    FROM ....
    WHERE ....) t;

EDIT: DOES NOT WORK. See comments. Isn't using a user variable faster in this case?

  @dr:=SUM(b.bet_win * cy.fx_rate ),
  @cr:=SUM(b.bet_loss * cy.fx_rate ), 
  @cr+@dr as total
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    User-defined variables don't work that way, at least in MySQL. The value of @dr and @cr don't get set until after the row has been processed. When it builds the first row of the result set @dr is NULL and @cr is NULL, so total is NULL. Then @dr is set to the sum of wins, and @cr the sum of losses. When it builds the second row and calculates total @dr and @cr have the values of the previous row. So total will be the total for the previous row. – jtanium Dec 5 '14 at 21:42
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    Wow, indeed! The mysql manual editors should put this at top of the page in stead of so much later. Thanks, jtanium, for letting us know. – e-motiv Dec 14 '14 at 21:01

You can repeat the calculations in the "total" column.

    SUM(b.bet_win * cy.fx_rate) as dr, 
    SUM(b.bet_loss * cy.fx_rate) as cr, 
    SUM(b.bet_win * cy.fx_rate) + SUM(b.bet_loss * cy.fx_rate) as total
FROM ....
WHERE ....

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