I basically would like to run an async function as soon as an html page load. I have 2 js files (one module and a simple js) which are loaded however my code seems to not work consistently. Sometime I get an error saying that a function is not defined.

Here is my code


  <script type="module"> import { function1 } from "../../js/app.js";
    window.function1 = function1; </script>
  <script type="module"> import { readDatabase } from "../../js/app.js";
    window.readDatabase = readDatabase; </script>
  <script src="../../js/store.js" async="async"></script>

app.js (module)

export async function readDatabase() {
  // does something async
  return value;

store.js (simple javascript)

if (document.readyState == 'loading') {
  document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', ready);
} else {

function ready() {
  const value = readDatabase();
  // do some there stuff

Most of the time I am able to run readDatabase() but sometime I get an error - see below. enter image description here

Any idea on what is the problem and how to resolve this issue?

Many thanks!!


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I solved by adding defer to the script. Defer makes the script to be triggered in the exact order of your code, so in this way I am sure that the readDatabase function is imported before the store.js script is executed

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