I made a customized image view with a ratio of 1:3.
This view works well in most situations, but on short vertical phones such as the iPhone se, it goes over the navigation bar.
So I try to reduce the image to a small size when the length of the phone exceeds a certain percentage of the length of the phone, but I don't know what to do.

var body: some View {
    NavigationView() {
        GeometryReader { g in
            ZStack {
                BackgroundImage("1", width: g.size.width - 40, height: g.size.width * 1.3)
            .position(x: g.frame(in: .local).midX, y: g.frame(in: .local).midY)
            .padding(.top, 35)


enter image description here

  • First of all, width - 40: width * 1.3 is not the 1:3 aspect ratio. It's nearly 1:1.3, which is 3:4 - that's your actual ratio. Have you tried using .aspectRatio() modifier? Also, having aspect ratio 3:4 is too much for some screens - iPhone SE screen width is 320, you set image width to 280, which means that the image height would be 320 * 1.3 = 416, the available space for your image on iPhone SE is 480 - 57 (tab bar height) - 116 (nav bar with large title) = 307. If you use .aspecRatio() modifier, you won't have to provide computed values of width and height. Jan 16 at 18:30


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