I am trying to write a knapsack algorithm to generate all possible combinations of four letters (ATGC) and no letter (represented by a space) that's length totals x. This is part of an error correction program for digital data storage I am working on. My current method uses itertools.product, but it generates a massive number of possibilities that takes too long to process. I want to replace this with a knapsack algorithm, but I'm not sure where to start. My current implementation is below.

for error in itertools.product(" ATGC", repeat=errors):
    errorTest = list(error).remove(' ')
    if len(errorTest) == constrain:
        for ps in error:
            for pos in errorPos:
                if ps == " ":
                    fseqL[pos] = ""
                    fseqL[pos] = ps
        ffseq = ""
        ffseq = ffseq.join(fseqL)

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An easier way to generate all combinations of a specific length is using itertools.combinations instead of itertools.product. This way you can write

itertools.combinations(" ATGC", constraint)

to get all combinations of a specified length.

  • It skips some combinations, for my application order does matter. Could I just reverse the sequence? Jan 17 at 0:22
  • This should not skip any combinations. If you need to reverse it you can write list(itertools.combinations(" ATGC", constraint))[::-1], this should als be the same as itertools.combinations(" ATGC"[::-1], constraint).
    – Camaendir
    Jan 17 at 7:46

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