I want access webcam from HTML5 for register and save a video file, for playing later. Is this possible?


Apparently, the <device> tag is not part of the HTML5 spec, and therefore there is no currently standard way to access webcams from a browser. You might be able to get away with using the JavaScript API navigator.getUserMedia(...), but that isn't supported by any browsers, either

You can read up on this here: Which web browsers support the HTML5 <device> tag?


I was doing similar research recently and found a working demo: http://gadgets-code.com/taking-webcam-photo-with-opera-browser-new-technology

It requires install of an experimental version of Opera: http://snapshot.opera.com/labs/camera-and-pages/

Happy hacking!

UPDATE [20 May 2012]:

http://www.webrtc.org/running-the-demos - WebRTC - GoogleChromeCanary - about://flags - enableMediaStream + PeerConnection :) Me recommends - Jerome Etienne's blog - http://learningthreejs.com/

UPDATE [13 Sep 2012]:

WebRTC enabled in Chrome 21 by default (change introduced couple weeks ago)

UPDATE [2 Jul 2014]:

WebRTC is mainstream / huge: http://youtu.be/GBAEG_RuqeE?t=50m1s (Google Hangouts, Amazon Mayday, Snapchat)

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