How do I get the name of the submit button in PHP?

I got the value of submit button, but I could not find any code to get the name of the button. Below is the code I have written.

<form name="form1"  method="post">
    <input type="submit" value="hello" name="submitbutton">

    echo "Value of submit button: " . $_POST['submitbutton'];
    echo "Name of submit button: " . // What should I do here? //;
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    Isn't submitbutton is your name ? like how do you access an element without id ? In your example you use its name to get value (beats me why). So i don't know what you want to see here.
    – Igoris
    Aug 16, 2011 at 7:40

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You will find the name in the $_POST array.


This way you will see everything in the $_POST array.

You can iterate through the array with:

foreach($_POST as $name => $content) { // Most people refer to $key => $value
   echo "The HTML name: $name <br>";
   echo "The content of it: $content <br>";

'submitbutton' is the name of your submit button. you can get the names of super global $_POST array elements with array_keys() function

$postnames = array_keys($_POST);

Its like any other POST variable, the name will be in the $_POST array. The name is the key in the $_POST array.

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