I am doing a nested routers layout. I have a parent component that needs to render a list of N children. Additionally, I want to pass a function (id: string) => Observable<X> from parent to child. Currently, I am doing:

// parent.tsx

function getStream(id: string): Observable<X>; // assume exists

function Parent() {
  const child_links = children_data.map(child_data => (
      state={{ child_data, getStream }}

  // return some output with `child_links` embedded
// child.tsx
import { useLocation } from 'react-router';

function Child() {
  const location = useLocation();

  // The issue I am facing:
  // returns { child_data: {...} } if I choose to omit `getStream` in `Parent`;
  // returns `null` when `getStream` included; expected `getStream` to exist and be function I passed

  // some arbitrary rendering
//index.tsx, where Router defined:

        <Route path='/' element={<Parent />}>
          <Route path='children/:child_id' element={<Child />} />

Other ridiculous things I have tried:

  • Wrapping the function in an object, passed through constructor. Effect: causes same null state problem.
  • Wrapping the function in an object, as a method. Effect: does not cause null state, but the associated property of state ends up just being an empty object. this tells me that react-router is likely doing less-than-smart hash object cloning.

Things I think would be better avoided:

  • Just creating a static controller object that serves up the Observable
  • Using the Context system from react

Am I abusing state here? If Links are to be used in a nest router setting, am I expected not to share upstream state with downstream components?


  • This part of the docs might help: reactrouter.com/docs/en/v6/upgrading/v5#note-on-link-to-values
    – srWebDev
    Jan 18, 2022 at 21:27
  • 1
    Functions are not serializable, they can't be sent through route state. You could certainly pass the id in route state for the child to invoke getStream with.
    – Drew Reese
    Jan 18, 2022 at 21:31
  • 1
    That seems like the most sensible solution, Drew. As I look at it more. Thanks for the second set of eyes.
    – iiian
    Jan 18, 2022 at 21:48

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As mentioned by @DrewReese, functions are not serializable, and thus cannot be sent through route state. Therefore, my solution to this issue is simply to introduce a getStream function in a location accessible to the Child.

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