I'm looking for a Kotlin way to do a dynamic values substitution into a string. It is clear how to implement it, just want to check if there is something similar in standard library.

Could you help me to find a function which given template and data map returns a resulting string with all template keys replaced with their values?

fun format(template: String, data: Map<String, Any>): String { /* magic */ }

format("${a} ${b} ${a}", mapOf("a" to "Home", "b" to "Sweet))   // -> "Home Sweet Home"
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    It's not possible with your current signature, but I think it might work if you change the signature a little bit...
    – Sweeper
    Jan 19 at 16:46
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    How about something like fun format(data: Map<String, Any>, template: (Map<String, Any>) -> String): String? And you would write the template like: { "${it["a"]} ${it["b"]} ${it["a"]}" }.
    – Sweeper
    Jan 19 at 16:49
  • Sweeper has a point there. Define it as fun format(data: Map<String, Any>, template: (Map<String, Any>) -> String) = data.let(template) and then call it like this: format(mapOf("a" to "Home", "b" to "Sweet")) {"${it["a"]} ${it["b"]} ${it["a"]}"}.
    – k314159
    Jan 20 at 16:29

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fun format(template: String, data: Map<String, String>): String {
  var retval = template
  data.forEach { dataEntry ->
    retval = retval.replace("\${" + dataEntry.key + "}", dataEntry.value)
  return retval

// The $ signs in the template string need to be escaped to prevent
// string interpolation
format("\${a} \${b} \${a}", mapOf("a" to "Home", "b" to "Sweet"))

Not shorter than lukas.j's answer, just different (using Regex):

val regex = "\\\$\\{([a-z])}".toRegex()

fun format(template: String, data: Map<String, String>) =
    regex.findAll(template).fold(template) { result, matchResult ->
        val (match, key) = matchResult.groupValues
        result.replace(match, data[key] ?: match)

I did not find any thing standard to solve the problem.

So here is a balanced (readability/performance/extensibility) solution also handling cases when some substitutions are undefined in dataMap.

makeString("\${a} # \${b} @ \${c}", mapOf("a" to 123, "c" to "xyz"))   // => "123 # ??? @ xyz"


object Substitutions {
    private val pattern = Pattern.compile("\\$\\{([^}]+)\\}")

    fun makeString(
        template: String, 
        dataMap: Map<String, Any?>, 
        undefinedStub: String = "???"
    ): String {
        val replacer = createReplacer(dataMap, undefinedStub)
        val messageParts = splitWithDelimiters(template, pattern, replacer)
        return messageParts.joinToString("")

    private fun createReplacer(dataMap: Map<String, Any?>, stub: String): (Matcher) -> String {
        return { m ->
            val key = m.group(1)
            (dataMap[key] ?: stub).toString()

    private fun splitWithDelimiters(
        text: String,
        pattern: Pattern,
        matchTransform: (Matcher) -> String
    ): List<String> {
        var lastMatch = 0
        val items = mutableListOf<String>()
        val m = pattern.matcher(text)

        while (m.find()) {
            items.add(text.substring(lastMatch, m.start()))
            lastMatch = m.end()


        return items

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