My project:

My task is it to built an Android/IOS Application that can connect with Bluetooth Printer and print receipt.

My JAR file:

I had download it from the manufacturer website with the filename iminPrinterSDK.jar and the guide provided.

Now I want use it in Delphi but I don't know how I don't know how to start it.

My Question:

How I can import the .jar file into my project and calling the standard function from the .jar file.

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    Have you tried readin Documentation on this matter? Jan 20 at 11:48
  • ya, i had tried. but just don't know how to start coding with it. Jan 21 at 3:29
  • To be honest I don't know how to start coding to make use of JAVA files either since I never needed this. I just know that the possibility for this exists and thus I have made a quick search of Delphi documentation about this topic for you. Jan 21 at 7:36
  • i see. it's ok, hope someone else can help out! anyway, thanks for your comments. Jan 21 at 10:19


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