in my cypress script i'm importing files as i'm doing page object models like this

import { LoginPage } from '../../page-objects/admin/login-page/LoginPage'
import {Common} from '../../page-objects/common/Common'

But my test fail on gitlab as it tries to import from another directory

Error: Can't walk dependency graph: Cannot find module '../../page-objects/common/Common' from '/builds/user/project_name/cypress/integration/landing-page/login.js'
    required by /builds/user/project_name/cypress/integration/landing-page/login.js

My test is running smoothly on local but not on gitlabci

For more info here's my project architecture :

enter image description here


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See import statements are case-insensitive on Mac and Windows but case-sensitive on Linux.

Since Gitlab is running linux, try matching the file name exactly

import {Common} from '../../page-objects/common/common'

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