I am experiencing strange situation with the assignment in Delphi 10.2 Tokyo edition:

//AccountsCDS: TClientDataSet;
//AccountsCDSACCOUNT_ID: TIBStringField;
//AAccountId: string;
//AAccountId is '5720' and I expect that AccountsCDSACCOUNT_ID.AsString will be '5720' too, 
//but it is #8'5720' instead - 5 characters long!

I have worked previously with Delphi 2009 a lot and my experience was that I can safely mix TIBStringField/TWideStringField and AsString/AsIBString/AsWideString. I should avoid using TStringField fields for TClientDataSet (TWideStringField fields should be used instead), but it was really safe to use TIBStringField because they are inherited from TWideStringField. The same was with accessor functions As..., because it was the Delphi policy to perceive String and WideString as interchangeable and to separate older AnsiString as non-Unicode strings.

Are my assumptions about the mixing of TIBStringField/TWideStringField and AsString/AsIBString/AsWideString wrong for the recent (10.x and 11.x, Tokyo, Sidney etc.) editions of Delphi?

Why a strange leading character is prepended in the assignment in my code example?

Addition: I changed field declarations from TIBStringField to the TWideStringField (mechanical change of the type name) and it solved the situation: I can use AsString... accessors and there are not additional leading characters added. It is really strange because, as I said, TIBStringField is inherited from TWideStringField.

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    Either "is it safe to" or "can I safely" - the former is an adjective, the latter an adverb. In multiple languages.
    – AmigoJack
    Jan 21 at 16:01


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