The AVD manager is not starting the emulator, whenever tried starting the emulator it shows the below error in screenshot

enter image description here

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I was able to find solution after searching for a while on the internet and posting the answer here so that anyone else facing the same issue could find it easily.

Apple M1 chip has a 64 bit ARM architecture also known as AArch64, so it requires the emulator setup in the following way

When you create a new virtual device select the options shown in the screenshot

Creating new AVD on Apple-M1

Remember to select the Other images tab and under that verify the ABI is arm64-v8a, then only the emulator will get started.

Here is the screenshot of working emulator Working AVD Emulator


The same problem happened with me, and I solved it when I deleted the emulator by opening the task manager and doing the end task for avd, android, and qeum-system and then in this path


and I


-based on this- what was in it from the folder of the emulator and the ini file. Then i just open android and make new emulator , and work with me then

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