I have a use-case when the first .my-class should be in one state, and all the rest .my-class should be in another, so I need to make a few assertions on the first and a few others on the rest.

Here is my first access:

cy.get('.custom-expand').first().should('have.class', 'custom-expand-expanded')

How can I assert the rest should('not.have.class'?

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You can access the rest elements by the nextAll function:

cy.get('.cx-custom-expand').first().should('have.class', 'cx-custom-expand-expanded')
cy.get('.cx-custom-expand').first().nextAll().should('not.have.class', 'cx-custom-expand-expanded')

Or even:

const first = cy.get('.cx-custom-expand').first()
const rest = first.nextAll()

// do you tests on them
first.should('have.class', 'cx-custom-expand-expanded')
rest.should('not.have.class', 'cx-custom-expand-expanded')

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