I've just installed VS 2022 preview to use Maui but there seems no way to see a designer view of the XAML, I want to drag and drop controls onto the page but all I get is an ancient looking XAML text view.

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    Does this answer your question? xaml designer or previewer is not showing
    – Cfun
    Jan 24 at 7:27
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    No, it can't be the answer, because that would mean MS removed the ability to design the UI, you can't design a UI using hot reload that would be madness. The answer can't be to use the text editor as that's like jumping back in time 30 years.
    – Paul
    Jan 24 at 8:08
  • But it was working in some previous version of VS preview. My god! Mar 8 at 16:40

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Visual Studio has removed the XAML designer. For now, there is no official plan to readd it.

But Visual Studio support Hot Reload to modify your apps managed source code while the application is running, without the need to manually pause or hit a breakpoint. You could preview the view at runtime when you change the UI. For more details, please check the blog. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/introducing-net-hot-reload/

Like Cfun said, you could use live visual tree as well. It shows a tree view of the UI elements of your running Xamarin.Forms application. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/xamarin/xamarin-forms/xaml/live-visual-tree

  • "Visual Studio has removed the XAML designer" -Thats a lie, in WPF, i still have the XAML Designer.
    – Schecher_1
    Jul 12 at 21:09

For a WPF dotnet6 project, the XAML designer can be enabled here:

enter image description here

Don't know why it's disabled by default.

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